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A great way to have a solid church congregation is to have ministries to cater to the diverse needs of individual groups within the congregation. At Bethel we offer a variety of ministries to get folks involved not only in fellowship with each other, but also reaching out into the community. Whether it's age based teaching in Sunday School or  home Bible studies, or the dynamic preaching and teaching in the sanctuary, our main goal is to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and win souls for His kingdom. Our praise singers and musicians usher us into an atmosphere of anointing and worship each service. Our youth group gets  for fun and fellowship. Thursday night prayer meetings helps us stay in tune with what God wants to do in our midst. We welcome you to join us as we work in Christ's kingdom.


Sunday School Superintendent

Our Sunday School kids range from ages 3-18. They meet in the worship center downstairs and then break up in different groups. Some of the older teenage kids help with the younger ones. With age level teaching and having a good mix of helping children helps them grow in the Lord. Also leaving room for some casual fun makes for a good Sunday School Department. We are so blessed to have anointed leaders to teach our kids. 

Youth Leaders

Our Youth is growing by leaps and bounds with the help of Holy Ghost filled Youth Leaders. They do well in planning things to keep our youth busy. There are endless activities for all ages. They also assist in working in our Sunday School Department. We are blessed to have someone who loves working with our youth.

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